Genji Sports Instant Beach Tent

Our Pick for Best Family Beach Tent from Genji Sports – Genji Sports Instant Beach Tent Review

Genji Sports Instant Beach Tent

It’s a Good Day at the Beach When You’re Protected from ALL of the Elements

We love to hang out at the beach during the summer. It’s usually it’s a day-long excursion so we load up the car, head out, and an hour and a half later, it’s beach time.

Upon arrival, the first priority is to set up our gear under what we think is the best family beach tent our money could buy. Our nifty “Genji Sports Instant Beach Tent” is like a little bunker in the sand. Keeps us burn-free, wind-free, sand-free.

We like a beach tent that’s roomy enough

We need something that will accommodate both of our large selves and our comfy beach chairs. We have a medium size cooler that fits a day’s worth of food and drinks that we also like to keep out of the hot sun. Add to that a couple of towels, beach bags, clothes, books, radio and an occasional extra person and everyone’s happy under the tent.

For those reasons we wanted something larger than normal, has a 5-star rating, high UV protection and very important… EASY set up. We’re a little challenged when it comes setting up tent-type structures.

We’ve tried a few different products over the years and not one compares to this one.

More things we like about our Genji Sports Instant Beach Tent

  • The Genji folks claim that the tent sets up in seconds and it really does. It’s very, very easy.
  • The UV (Ultraviolet) 50+ protective coated material works well and we’ve not had a single sunburn while using this tent.
  • It’s light and comes with a convenient carrying bag.
  • Stakes down into the sand and doesn’t blow away.
  • We like the floor which helps keep our gear sand-free.
  • Flaps that can be opened for breeze or closed if it’s too windy.

Overall, the Genji Sports Instant Beach Tent deserves 5 stars. We love ours and wouldn’t hesitate to give it as a gift!

We lug a ton of stuff to the beach including our Genji Sports Instant Beach Tent, chairs, cooler, and stuff, stuff, stuff. Without our Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler we’d be in big trouble. Just load this up and head to the shore. Easy, convenient and great for anyone who wants to spend a full day at the beach.

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