Coleman Instant Tent Review

The Coleman Instant Tent 14×10, 10×9 or 8×7: Great Tents For The Individual Or Family

Coleman Instant Tent

Whether you are in the market for 8, 6 or 4 person tents, you should consider a Coleman Instant Tent. No matter which size you need for camping, you will be amazed at the quick set-up time. Those days of configuring poles, stakes, tarp and tent for what feels like an eternity (especially on a rainy day) are over!

What separates this tent from others is that the poles are built in. No guessing which pole goes where. All you do, once you lay it out, is extend them and lock them into place – it couldn’t be faster or easier. After checking out these tents, you’ll see why they are so popular!

I did a lot of camping when I was young and I remember all too well the process of setting up and taking down camp. Certainly, when one things about spending time in the outdoors, you picture a beautiful, sunny day and not one bug to be seen. But as many who sleep underneath the stars know, a more realistic picture is that of being bombarded by mosquitos and setting up a tent in the rain (what’s worse is taking DOWN a tent that is soaking, then having to set it up at home to dry out!).

Coleman’s line of instant tents and enclosures make the set up and take down a quick and easy task. Take a look at the variety of sizes that are available below. You are certain to find the right style and size to meet your needs:

Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person – 14 x 10

Ultimate In Family Tents – Two Rooms

coleman-instant-tent-8Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent

Perfect for the larger family. The instant tent 8 person comes with two rooms, for ultimate privacy, but you can remove the divider if you want. There are seven windows, 2 doors and it stands 6 feet, 5 inches at the center. Ultimate roominess inside and reliable, Coleman quality. (full review the coleman 8 person instant tent click here)

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Coleman Instant Tent 6 Person – 10 x 9

Nice and Spacious Family Tents, Minus The Divider

coleman-instant-tent-6Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

This six person tent by Coleman is the “middle guy” as far as size is concerned. It measures 10×9, so it can still comfortably fit a family and gear, but is more economical than the larger model. It measures 6 feet in height at the center, which is great for tall people. What reviewers rave about are the nice, large windows on all sides, allowing a lot of fresh air in. A great choice for the large family on a tighter budget. (full review the coleman 6 person instant tent click here)

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Coleman Instant Tent 4 Person – 8 x 7

Perfect Tents For Couples

coleman-instant-tent-4Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent

This 4 person instant tent is the smallest of the models. It is smaller and would definitely not recommend trying to squeeze four people inside, but for a couple and child it would work fine. The height is approximately 5 feet, and there are windows on three sides (one being the door). Nice, easy set-up like the others, just not as roomy. (full review the coleman 6 person instant tent click here)

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How To Set Up A Coleman Instant Tent – Video

See For Yourself How Easy It Is To Set Up These Camping Tents

This quick video shows you just how quickly and easily these instant tents set up. It took this father and his kids a little under two minutes…but they had some laughs. Watch and enjoy!

Coleman Instant Tent Reviews Confirm It Is Quick

But It Is More Than Fast, It Is Strong and Durable, Too!

Instant tents, no matter how fast it pops up, wouldn’t be very good products if they weren’t durable and waterproof. Fast is great, but not if they fall apart or blow away.

That is why this tent by Coleman is so popular. This product is crafted with their WeatherTec system, for ultimate rain and weather protection. The frame is designed to handle the wind. Plus they use a heavy duty fabric, stronger than their other shelters.

A Coleman Instant Tent Ensures A Perfect Camping Trip! Final Thoughts….

So no matter what size of tent your family needs, a Coleman instant tent guarantees an easy, stress-free set up in your campsite. In minutes you can sit back, relax and truly live in the moment.

A final tip or two – make sure to choose a tent that has plenty of extra room for your gear on the inside, and that it is tall enough to provide adequate comfort for taller folks. Then grab your bag of marshmallows and enjoy your getaway!

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