Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent

Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent Review

Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent

Sometimes, setting up a tent can put a damper on your whole camping experience. There are those tents that tend to be too complicated to build and can really waste time. For those families or groups of four who want to take advantage of getting an easy-to-set up tent, the Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent can be one of the better choices. Being made by Coleman, people will find that this particular tent can offer you a quality camping experience.

Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent Specs:

  • 4-person, 1 room tent.
  • Has pre-attached poles that you can extend and lock.
  • Coleman’s WeatherTec system to defend all sort of weather.
  • Material made of heavy-duty 150D polyester taffeta.
  • Floor is 7×8 feet.  Center height reaches 59 inches.
  • 1-year warranty.

Another key-selling feature of the Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent is that it has Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system. This system will help you to enjoy your camping regardless of the weather. Whether it is too sunny or if there is a storm along the way, the mechanism will really help you to be protected against these conditions. Also, this tent is completely taped and sealed, removing the need for a separate rainfly.

Extremely Easy To Set Up

The Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent is very easy to setup and you won’t really need any complicated instructions to do so. You can set this up in just a minute or less. Another point is that is has an innovative one-piece design and its poles come pre-attached to the tent.  With most tents, you have to assemble the poles and figure out what loops they go through. While this isn’t a daunting task for some, others would certainly appreciate this feature.   Even though it is quite easy to use and can be a no-brainer type of task, the tent is still pretty sturdy and doesn’t skimp on quality at all.

The Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent Pros and Cons

The Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent is a pleasure to use and will keep your belongings dry and despite a downpour. This tent has been making from resistant material and is able to alleviate one of the biggest hassles of camping, creating your tent.You will be done in 60 seconds so you can spend the rest of your time relaxing and enjoying your trip. Even though the store is designed for 4 people is probably the best option for a maximum of 2 or 3 people.
This allows you to store some items in the shop without being too close.

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User Reviews of the Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent

Many are buying the tent because it does exactly what it’s advertised to do.  Some have commented about the spaciousness inside.  It can sleep 4 comfortably without any of your gear or things that you bring with you.  However, if you have a lot that you brought along, you could sleep 2 comfortably.  You may want to look at the Coleman 6-Person Tent if that may be your concern.

The Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent is also hit in the online video world as well.  There are lots of videos of people racing to beat their previous time of trying to set it up quickly.  There have been some comments that I read in the reviews that people are buying the tent just because of watching these kinds of videos alone.

From our experience and everything we’ve read, we really like the Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent and feel comfortable recommending it.

In conclusion

The Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent as you can see is one of the best camping tents on the market in our days. Because it is a dream to be ready and pack away keeping you dry on those long winter nights long.

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