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Best Rated Sleeping Bags –  Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag Review

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Being able to find a sleeping bag (read about How To Choose A Best Synthetic Sleeping Bags) that’s worth the asking price should be your first priority. Priced at under $50, you won’t have to spend a lot to get top quality sleeping bag performance at a fraction of the price of competing bags.

The  Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable is one of the cheapest available, but surprisingly, it’s also one of the best ones out there. This sleeping bag just goes to show you that some companies like Suisse Sport are not putting a high price tag on their items just to take your hard earned money and run.

Instead, they’re offering top quality sleeping bags that nearly everyone can afford. If you’re camping on a budget, this might be the bag for you!

You Can Compress This Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag Down To A Fraction Of The Original Size!

suisse-sport-adventurer-mummyOne of the best things about this Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag is the fact that it compresses down to such a small size. It can compress down to a 12″ X 7″! That means that you can fit it into a travel sack and barely notice the space it takes up in a vehicle.

That leaves more room for whatever you need to fit. So not only is this polyester sleeping bag affordable, it’s also a real space saver too.

Super Lightweight Polyester Construction Makes For Great Camping Nights

This Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag ultra-compactable only weighs a total of 2.9 lbs. It’s so incredibly light that you’ll barely notice it’s there at all. But don’t think that its light size makes it any less effective at protecting you from the wind and cold. Even in around 50 degree temperatures, this lightweight bag is very effective at protecting you from the elements.

As reported by a customer. even after using this bag for over 2.5 years, it still performs wonderfully, and the customer remarked that they love it more every time they get to use it.

Across A Wide Range Of Temperatures, This Sleeping Bag Has You Covered

This is a great sleeping bag for camping. It’s affordable, highly compressible and compact, super light weight, and does a great job across a wide range of temperature scenarios. If it’s a 70 degree warm night, this is a good bag to have because it’s light and doesn’t have too much insulation.

That means no sweating all the time and no constant unzipping for air flow. And if it’s 30 degrees outside, this bag still does a good job! According to a customer report, this bag did just fine keeping someone comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt in 30 degree weather.

So basically, this is a great bag for all times during spring, summer, and fall. For winter time excursions, we think you’ll need a bag with a bit more insulation.

Let’s take a closer look at the feature set to outline this sleeping bags features:

Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag Features:

  • 100% Polyester Double Layer Construction
  • 700 Grams Micro Tekk 7 Insulation Protection
  • Ripstop Lining
  • Chest Baffle
  • Draft Ttube
  • Utility Pocket
  • Compressible Down To 12 X 7 X 7 inches
  • Compression Travel Sack

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Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable REVIEW

Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag Pros:

  • Even after 2.5 years of continuous use, this bag held up well! Still in good shape after a substantial amount of use
  • This bag can get wet and soaked, smashed, and covered in soot and still perform well
  • Great for temperatures between 30 and 70 degrees – Anything below 30 and you might be a bit chilly
  • The combination of light weight, durability, low price, and usability across a wide range of temperatures make this bag one of the best deals on the web!
  • Washable too! This bag will go in a standard washer and then you can hang dry it in just a few hours time
  • Great for outdoor vacations when you know the temperature isn’t going to be below freezing
  • Fits one person – Even people at 6′ 1″ and 220 lbs can fit in it comfortably
  • Makes a great first sleeping bag for people that are new to the sleeping bag experience
  • Surprisingly, it has enough insulation to soothe bumps and rocks in the ground so you don’t hurt your back when laying down
  • Easily fits in a backpack with tons of room to spare
  • Utility pocket is good to store a pocket knife, phone, or small flashlight
  • It’s definitely a roomy bag – You’ll have enough room to spread your body out a bit
  • Some people say that when they sleep in this bag, they get a better nights sleep than they do at home
  • Sleeping bag construction has come a long way in recent years – Bags of yesterday used to be 3-4 X as heavy and still wouldn’t keep you warm – This one is light and toasty!
  • Baffles do a good job of keeping the wind away from your body
  • For the price, you really can’t do much better – For around $30 and the performance this bag delivers, it’s money well spent
  • Not much else to report except that this is a quality sleeping bag that’s great for all weather temps

Suisse Sport Sleeping Bag Cons:

  • This sleeping bag comes pre-compressed, which is a bad way to store bags for long periods if you want the insulation to be able to do its job
  • Light construction means you kind of have to “take it easy” on the bag in order not to damage it
  • Depending on your preference, you might not like the streamlined construction of the mummy bag type feel when inside it

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