Best Dome Camping Tent

Choosing a Best Dome Tents – Tips on the dome camping tents

Choosing a Best Dome Tents - Tips on the dome camping tents

Here!, you will find tips and advice on the dome camping tents, choosing a best dome tents can be a bit confusing with so many variations on the market, here you will discover tips on choosing a best dome tents.

What is the Best Dome Tents?

The geometrical design in the poles that hold up the tent means it is extremely sturdy when erected, this can stand up to the most extreme of weather conditions, this is one reason it is well liked by many campers.

You will find the best dome tents are considerably lighter than ordinary frame tents, and can give considerably more head room than other types of camping tents.

They are really easy to erect which makes them a big favorite with backpackers and hikers, and since they have plenty of space when erected makes it easy to store extra gear out of the way.

You will find when purchasing a dome camping tents that the fabric that is used on most is nylon, this helps to keep the weight down to a minimum which is of great benefit to hikers.

Weighing from 3lbs to around 7lbs depending on which size of tent you want, you can find these tents can accomodate up to ten people if required.

The cost is also a strong factor for most people when looking to buy a tent, these tents can cost from $60 up to and above $700 all depends on what size and style you are looking for.

Most tents will come with a rain fly which will be uv resistant and certain models will incorporate a porch extension, you will have to do some research online to make sure you get the best dome tents you want.

Below we have listed some of the more popular styles of dome camping tents for you to look at, make sure you read the manufactures information on each tent before you decide to purchase.

Quality Best Dome Tents For Camping

You should also consider the height of the tent when pitched, you should be able to sit up without your head touching the tent, this makes it much more comfortable if you ever get caught out in a long spell of bad weather.

Another consideration when choosing your tent is how easy it is to pitch up. If it is pouring down with rain you need a tent that is very easy to set up so you can quickly get shelter. You should make sure your two person tent has a vestibule, you will need somewhere to store all your wet gear instead of bringing it inside the tent.

Going on your first camping trip can be exiting and loads of fun, the tips above can help you make the right decisions on choosing the right two person tent to make your camping trip in the great outdoors a wonderful experience.

Coleman SunDome 3-Person Tent


Sometimes the best way to get away from it all is to go when no one else wants to go…like when it’s raining. Camping in the rain gives you a whole new view of the natural world, as you watch the wilderness being washed clean and listen to the rhythm of the rain on the tent roof. You can do that with the SunDome, because Coleman’s WeatherTec system of weatherproofing keeps rain out. It’s a portable tent that will keep you dry and happy.

The Coleman SunDome tent has a 7 x 7-foot floor space and a center height of 52 inches, providing spacious comfort for two people at less than 10 pounds. This is a tent you can carry into the backwoods for a private getaway camping trip. Since it’s freestanding, you can set it up anywhere, even if the ground is hard and rocky. – Best Dome Tents

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Wenzel Alpine Dome Camping Tents

wenzel-alpine-dome-tentLightweight, easy to set up, and versatile, the Wenzel Alpine 3 person tent is a great choice for all types of camping and conditions. The Alpine includes such features as a 3 pole pentadome design that creates a vestibule for storage and weather protection, a shock-corded fiberglass frame (with pole pockets) that sets up and disassembles quickly, and an integrated mud mat with a drainage strip to keep the tent clean. Campers will also appreciate the Weather Armor polyester fabric and sonic-sealed polyethylene tub-style floor, which are reliably rugged and resist leaks of all kinds.

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Swiss Gear Cheval Sport Dome Camping Tents

swiss-gear-cheval-sport-dome-tentEnjoy the great outdoors with the affordable Swiss Cheval 3 person tent. It has a polyester taffeta with double pass polyurethane coating tent body. The tub style, polyethylene ripstop floor features a rain shingle layer for enhanced weather protection and superior water repellency. It has a Flex style door and 2 windows with inside zippered storm flaps. For storage, use the loft organizer with mesh utility pockets to stash your stuff out of the way. Great tent at a great price.

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Wenzel Big Bend 5-Person Two-Room Dome Camping Tents

wenzel-big-bend-5-person-two-room-dome-tentSpacious and weather-resistant, the new Wenzel Bend 12-by-10-foot dome tent sleeps up to five campers in its 2 rooms, making it ideal for mid-size families or couples with lots of equipment. The Big Bend tents are made of rugged, weather-repellent Weather Armor polyester with a polyurethane coating for reliability, helping it keep water out and warmth in. The sonic-sealed, polyethylene tub-style floor, meanwhile, is welded and not sewn, eliminating needle holes that might otherwise attract water seepage inside the dome tent. And campers will love the variety of ventilation points in this family dome tent including two mesh doors, two mesh windows, and a mesh roof which combine to create a refreshing cross breeze on warm evenings.

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The Kelty Trail Dome Tent

kelty-trail-dome-tentKelty makes those itty-bitty backpacking tents that hold up to many nights on the trail, and they put the same quality into their larger tents. Their attention to construction detail makes the Trail Dome a portable tent that is a pleasure to use.

The Kelty Trail Dome tent sleeps four people at a weight less than nine pounds. Internal storage pockets organize your small gear; loops at the ceiling provide a place to attach a gear loft for even more storage.

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ALPS Mountaineering Taurus

alps-mountaineering-taurusFind a lumpy spot under the tent? With a dome tent you can just pick the whole thing up and set it down on a better spot. The Taurus has two doors, so there’s no climbing over your partner in the middle of the night. Each door has a full vestibule to store gear, giving you that much more room inside the tent. And that rainy weather that kept everyone else away? It won’t bother you, with the Taurus’ full rain fly.

The ALPS Mountaineering Taurus dome tent sets up with just two poles. The tent attaches to the poles with clips, so set-up is fast and smooth.

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Mountain Trails Dome Tent

mountain-trails-dome-tentIt really is possible to enjoy the great outdoors and some time away from the hustle and bustle without breaking the bank. Here’s a good tent for the occasional camper. This tent offers something a little different: with the Stow-n-go system, the tent itself is the duffel for the poles and stakes. Make sure to check the size measurements carefully to be sure you’ll fit inside comfortably.

The Mountain Trails tent fulfills the requirements for a portable tent, and it does so at a very affordable price. It’s a freestanding dome tent that sets up fast with shock-corded fiberglass poles.

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