Best Backpacking Hammock Tents

Looking for a 2 person hammock tents that fits in your backpack? Read the Best Backpacking Hammock Review Here!

Best Backpacking Hammock - 2 Person Hammock Tents Review

Which is the Best backpacking hammock camping tent?

The Best Backpacking Hammock for Camping

One of the hottest new trends in the camping world is hammock camping. With the amount of bugs and rain most campers face it makes perfect sense to move your tent off the ground and that’s exactly what manufacturers have done in creating hammock tents, which are basically enclosures to protect yourself and your hammock from the elements.

Best 2 person hammock tents

2 person hammock tents are lightweight and simple to use. Their small packed size is practical for hiking, camping, hunting, bike touring, general traveling, or any adventure that might require a bit of rest. They are typically suspended by two trees, but can be set up just about anywhere as long as there are two strong anchor points to attach your tent to (They are popular at music festivals, where they can be supported by two parked cars in a group camp). They are excellent for getting your sleeping space off the ground, which can be important when the ground surface is uneven or rocky, or when you don’t want to disturb the existing vegetation.

2 person hammocks tents are wider and longer than single person hammocks, and are reinforced to support the increased weight of a second person. Most hammock tents are meant for single users, so 2 person hammock tents are often more basic hammocks, and need to be accessorized in order to get the same level of backcountry usability and versatility. However, they still weigh much less than traditional tents, foregoing the weight of poles for the tent’s structure. These larger two person hammocks are often good options for single campers as well, giving the camper the ability to lie completely flat inside the hammock.

ENO DoubleNest 2 Person Hammock Tents

by Eagles Nest Outfitters

The DoubleNest 2 person hammock tents does not come with a rainfly or insect mesh, it is a basic hammock designed for the size and weight requirement of two people. Eagles Nest Outfitters makes all of the compatible accessories for the hammock, however, allowing you to customize this basic hammock.

eno-double-nest-hammockENO Double Nest Hammock

Almost seven feet wide, it has a lot of room for two people to lay crosswise and get comfortable. Get the guardian bug net as well as the ProFly, FastFly, or DryFly rain-fly to turn your two person hammock into a fully equipped camping package. You can also purchase the Eagles Nest Outfitters OneLink system, which includes everything you need to turn your hammock into a complete wilderness set-up.

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TrekLight Gear Double Hammock

by Trek Light Gear

The Trek Light Double hammock does not include insect mesh or tarp, but is a good start for any set up. You will be able to combine this hammock with other options for insect control and rain protection to make this one of the best suspended camping options for your needs.

treklight-gear-double-hammockTrek Light Gear Double Hammock

It is incredibly light weight at 20 ounces, but holds up to 400 pounds. Its material is resistant to wear and mildew, sheds water and dries quickly in the sun. It is six and a half feet wide, giving you and your partner plenty of room to get comfortable inside the hammock.

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Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2

by Hammock Bliss

The Sky Tent 2 is an interesting option for those interested in hammock camping. Not an actual hammock in and of itself, it is rather an enclosure for two individual hammocks, effectively combining them into a single hammock space. However, it can also be utilized with one of the many basic two person hammocks available for couples. Furthermore, its durable bottom can be used as a floor when suspension points for the hammock are unavailable.

hammock-bliss-sky-tent-2Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2

It has a rain-fly and high quality insect mesh to keep out unwanted visitors, while also providing a space underneath the hammocks. This can be used for storage, but also helps prevent the cold backside sometimes experienced by hammock tent campers, caused by colder air underneath the exposed hammock.

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Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym

by Hennessy Hammock

Perhaps the most popular 2 person hammock tents, the Hennessy Expedition Asym has been a mainstay of the backpacking hammock genre. It is lightweight, less than 3 pounds, which includes ‘tree hugger’ gear to protect the bark of trees, while also sturdy, suitable for those up to 6 feet tall and 250 pounds. A slightly more expensive ‘deluxe’ version of this 2 person hammock tents is suitable for those over 6 feet and up to 300 pounds. These tents have an integrated insect mesh to protect you from nature’s critters, as well as an underside entrance for easy access.

hennessy-hammock-asymHennessy Hammock Expedition A-sym

While slightly heavier than other hammock tents, the Hennessy Expedition comes with everything you need for effective, lightweight camping performance.This popular backpacking hammock will keep you happy if you’re looking for lightweight, performance shelters.

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Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock

by Eagles Nest Outfitters

Simpler than the Hennessy Expedition, the SingleNest backpacking hammock does not come with a rainfly or insect mesh, but these are available separately, so you can assemble a shelter for your individual needs. These hammock tents compress into a small package, perfect for a quick, versatile resting spot for any adventure, and hold up to 400 pounds.

eagles-nest-outfitters-singlenest-hammockEagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock

These hammock tents are good for those who are looking for versatility in a backpacking hammock while not requiring the extreme features of backcountry enthusiasts, such as a rainfly and insect mesh. These are great to keep in the car, lounging at the beach, or sleeping at a music festival.

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Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Hammock

by Grand Trunk

These backpacking hammocks are designed to be rugged, with reinforced stitching and generous length and width. It is lightweight, but the rainfly must be purchased separately. It is versatile, allowing you to flip the hammock tent over if not comfortable with insect mesh. Pockets on the interior are great for organizing your gear and the material and design allows for quick drying in wet environments.

grand-trunk-skeeter-beeter-hammockGrand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Hammock

This backpacking hammock is great for those who want a versatile hammock tent that will perform well on backpacking or cross country trips, while not sacrificing utility. You can use this tent as effectively in your backyard as you can in the backcountry.

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Air Bivy Extreme Shelter

by Grand Trunk

This tent comes with the hammock and includes a mesh netting and rain cover. The hammock comes with an overhead suspension system and an attached netting which will keep the bugs out. The hammock has 15 different grommets which will allow multiple hanging configurations for the user, ensuring that almost any landscape can be conquered by this hammock.

air-bivy-extreme-shelterGrand Trunk Air Bivy Extreme Shelter

The Air Bivy Extreme Shelter also comes with a rain tarp to keep the hammock dry and safe from the elements. The tarp can also be used independently for a stand alone sun or rain shelter.

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Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

by Lawson

American Survival Guide, Backpacker, and Outside magazines, have rated this hammock as the number one Hammock that is on the market right now. The same system allows the hammock to stay taunt and tight, eliminating the cocoon effect, helping the camper to sleep more comfortably. The detachable rainfly is also a great addition, and will keep you nice and dry in case of a sudden down pour.

lawson-hammock-blue-ridge-camping-hammockLawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

This hammock comes exclusively with an arch pole and spreader bar system that enables the hammock to be set up on the ground, or used as a hammock, attached between trees above the ground.

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How to choose which hammock tent to use?

When looking for a 2 person hammock tents system it’s important to determine where and who will be primarily using the tent. The Sky Tent 2 by Hammock Bliss allows two people inside the tent and allows the users to use any hammocks they choose. The Air Bivy Extreme Shelter is very affordable while providing portable protection. The Hammock Expedition A-Sym comes with an included hammock and leaves a very small green footprint on the surrounding environment. Any of these top rated hammock tents are great investments.

Find out which is the best backpackingĀ  hammock tent for your needs

All of these 2 person hammock tents are good choices for campers or hikers who are looking for an alternative to traditional camping tents that are set up on the ground. Each one offers unique qualities for every campers’ needs. For frequent campers who need their camping equipment to match their rugged lifestyle the Hennessy Hammock is a good choice. For others who welcome the idea of alternative camping ideas such as hammock tents, but prefer to sleep on a flatter surface, then the Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is the perfect fit for you. The hammock Bliss Sky Tent is suitable for family camping trips, and those campers who bring extra supplies whenever they venture outdoors.

Whatever your camping needs, one of these nifty hammock tents are sure to meet your expectations, and provide you with the comfort and shelter you want for your next outdoor adventure.

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